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Elands Rock Nature Estate, Irving Steyn St, Alberton, Johannesburg, South Africa


Langelihle Cosmetics 

It is all in the brand name, the dawning of Africans creating and developing their own craft. Langelihle cosmetics is our gender-neutral and least complex personal care brand. We wanted to create a brand that is inclusive of all and gives a full representation of Africans. With its simple meaning of “beautiful bright sunshine” the products are nothing short of amazing and are fully geared to compete with longstanding brands. With the help of science and nature we have been able to develop and share products that bring our skin alive and allow us to define beauty for ourselves. Our main intent is to create an experience for each user, to co-create products that address certain skin concerns and conditions, furthermore, provide ground-breaking research on the richness of the African soil in personal care ingredients.   

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